Here we go…..

I figured since “everyone and their cousin” was writing a blog, I wouldn’t want to let one of my cousins down. Ok, bad joke.

What do I plan to do here? Just write. Talk about some of the things that interest me.

Here is the first thing. I was surfing around Ain’t it Cool News when I saw this article: New Spider-Man Trailer WITH Venom. All I have to say is WOW. I wish that they had finished and released this trailer instead of the one that they did. As a very big fan of Spider-Man for many years, it excites the inner fanboy in me. And the questions of the day: My thoughts on Venom? Well, we hardly got to see him, but what we did see was cool. It looks like they took almost an “anime” approach to him. They would have to with Topher Grace playing Eddie Brock. For those of you who don’t know, in the comics, Eddie Brock (the guy who turns into Venom) has a body builder type of physique, and Venom is huge! From what I can see in the trailer, it looks like the have Venom about the same size as Spider-Man, but at least it looks like they got the face right. If you don’t want to read through the comments to find the link to the trailer, here it is. EDIT: Sorry folks, but it got pulled. Search the net for it though. It’s worth the effort. There is more talk about this trailer here. Feel free to start a new discussion here.


Another thing that I think is really cool right now is the launch of the Zune on Tuesday. I like what I have heard so far about this player. With a screen larger than the current iPod, and the Wi-Fi capabilities, this thing is going to rock. Now, some of you might say that the Wi-Fi is not as important as I might make it out to be. For those of you who don’t know, at the moment, the Wi-Fi for the Zune will only allow you to share songs with friends wirelessly. If the song on the Zune has DRM on it, then the song that you send to your friend will only work on their Zune for 3 days. If it is DRM free, then the transfer has not time limit. The thing is, I am sure that they will add the ability to purchase songs through Wi-Fi at a later date. They would be crazy not to. Can you imagine walking into your local Starbucks, hearing a song that you like, and then just popping onto your Zune and downloading the song through the Wi-Fi hotspot? Wow.

As far as the Zune goes compared to the iPod, here are my thought: Right now, nothing beats iTunes for simplicity and ease of use. I have been meaning to play around with Songbird, but haven’t gotten around to it. I hear good things though. I like my 1GB iPod Nano, although I have been having technical difficulties lately. The darn thing just won’t connect reliably. I think that the cable AND the connector on the actual iPod are shot. I would hate to send it in though, cause I hear it is very expensive. Let me know about your experiences with Apple Repair.

Not, another thing that has been fun for me lately. Dungeons and Dragons Online. The first thing you have to understand, it that when I was in high school, and pretty much until I had kids, I was a hardcore Pen and Paper RPGer. Mostly Rifts, from Palladium Books. Since I and most of my friends have had kids, we have tried everything from Play by Email, to playing over IM, but nothing has kept going. Now, we have Saturday night, once all the kids have gone to bed, set aside. We all downloaded the 10 day trial for DDO, and are trying it out. I think that we are all going to get it. The tactical aspect of it (you can just click on a monster and auto attack, you’ll die pretty quick), and the built in voice chat make it a great experience for everyone. It just feels right.

Anyways, thanks for reading my blog. I will try to update twice a week, but we’ll see.

Have a good one.

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