Would you like some O.J. with that? Hell no!

Just when we where all finally done with O.J. who, in my opinion, got away with murder, here he is in the spotlight again. I read this article (here), and see that now he has a book deal, the book title being “O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened”. Man that just ticks me off. Here is a guy who, I have to admit, was found not guilty in a criminal trial, but was then found liable in a civil trial (here), had FINALLY fallen into obscurity. We had just gotten rid of the guy for crying out loud! And now we have to have all this…. stuff….. dragged up again. Talk about desperate for any publicity.

Anyways, so we finally have him as a joke in the world, and he come out with this book. Yeah right, “If” he did it. Uh, huh. Well, it turns out that the publisher of the book, Judith Reagan, considers the book a confession (here). Don’t we all.

Gonna post a more tech/movie intensive post in a few. Feel free to comment on your opinions about this new O.J. “news.”

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