Black Friday? How about an Orange iPod?

Hi Everyone,

Saw this and thought that I would pass it along to my faithful readers, all 3 of you. Apple has released it’s list of deals that it will have on Black Friday, and it looks pretty good.

iMac: $898-$1958
MacBook: $998-$1398
.Mac: $68
iPod Nano (except Reds): $138-$228
iPod: $228-$318
Wireless Mighty Mouse: $58
Shure earphones: $78-$238
Contour iPod Cases: $14-$24
Belkin TuneBase FM: $58
JBL On Stage Micro: $78
JBL Spot Speakers: $108
LaCie Hard Drives: $148-$888
Incase Sling Pack: $48
Xtreme Mac Micro Memo Voice Recorder: $48
Sonic Impact Video-55 Display: $238
Nike+iPod Sport Kit: $24

Those prices look pretty good! I am sure that many of you will be partaking in these fine bargains, and I wish you good shopping. Nothing like the first day of the “Christmas Shopping Season” (put in brackets for the absurdity of starting to shop for Christmas so early) to get the blood flowing. I know if I had any extra money, tomorrow would be my favorite shopping day of the year. Not to shop for anyone else, but to shop for me!

Good luck, and good shopping!

Have a good one.

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