Problems with Electronic Voting? Nah, never gonna happen!

Just a short post for now.

I found this article (here) about a problem that occurred in a small town in the US. Apparently this town uses an electronic voting machine. You see, after all of the votes had been counted, it turns out that one of the candidates receive no votes. The problem comes up when you speak to this candidates. Well, it turns out that he voted for himself. If he voted for himself, how did he get zero votes, you ask? That’s the problem. I guess that there might have been a problem with the machine.

I am so happy that Canada is not seriously looking at electronic voting. Mind you, we only have a fraction of the population of the U.S., but I don’t know if I would be comfortable with it. And I am a big fan of all things technological.

Good luck in your pursuit of the perfect voting method U.S. citizens! At least you won’t have any more hanging chads!

Have a good one.

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