So… yeah… it’s been a while

So I thought that I might start this whole blog thing up again. Talk about a few things. You know… share my thoughts with the world. I know that the world revolves around me, and that I’m the most important person out there, so of course everyone will want to follow what I have to say.

I’m gonna try getting into the exercise thing again. I recently lost 15 pounds for no apparant reason. (Yeah, you can hate me now). Oh…. hold on… might the fact that I stopped going to fast food joints regularly have been the reason. Maybe. I’ll let you decide on that.

I’m also going to try to write something into the story that accompanies this blog every day. It may (who am I kidding, it will) suck, but I’ll come back and edit every once in a while.

What am I doing lately. A lot of WoW. I’ve finally got a toon close to level 40, so I’ll be getting my mount soon. A friend of mine (thanks Darin) sent me a link to a great leveling guide, so I’ll pass it on to you now. The site is called WoWPro, and you can find it at:

It’s helping me get through the last few levels to 40. Then… WOOHOO!!! Mount, here I come.

Well, as I said, here we go again. I hope that you hear from me soon!

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