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I scramble to keep myself safe amongst the chaos that boils around me. The weapons fire is intense, the hum of the clips as they are depleeted of their energies nearly defeaning. I attempt to walk toward the edge of the battles. Try to exit on the edge. Try not to get caught. I worry. My familly. Will they be punished. Will they be made to suffer for the wrongs that I have commited today. Can’t think about that now. I’ll worry about them once I’m safe. If I’m dead, I can’t keep them safe.

The juicer, my partner, my compatriat, and the idot who got this ball rolling lies motionless on the ground in front of me as I try to make my excape. I grab his arm on my way by, to drag him with me. I’ll check if it’s worth it when I’m safe. Safe. If I’m not safe, I can’t keep my familly safe. I start to drag the body, not wait, the corspe, no, no, he might not be dead… the .. the unconcious figure toward the trees when I’m am thrown into the air. One of the the Abolisher’s main cannons had missed the Gliter Boy, and had hit the earth a few feet away, throwing earth, rocks and bodies, including mine and the juicer’s, in a wide radius of destruction.

I’ll make it. I have to survive to help my familly.

To keep them….


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