Rifts Story – Take 1 (i.e. This is just a draft)

I walk through a forest, time passing slowly. All around me a battle rages. In the distance, I see a large Abolisher struglling to bring its weapons to bear against a Glitter Boy,  the Abolisher’s robotic legs having been torn to shreds by the Glitter Boy’s Boom Gun. Around me, men in mat black armor of skulls and bones move from cover for the few short seconds it takes to send bolts of energy from their weapons towards their fow. The foes, men also in mat black armour, but this armor of a less demonic appearance, the only distinguishing features being the 3 in-line spike adorning the top of the helmet.

The sky lights up with the light given off by the multitude of energy weapons firing in the night. Clouds of dust created by explosiong are silueted against the full moon high in the sky.

This is it… the battle has begun. What have I done…..

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